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Nsimba Mpaka is a true professional and is dedicated to solving problems and getting results. He has a deep understanding of SEO and internet marketing and ensures he tailors to benefit your specific requirements. It has been a pleasure working with him thus far.
Bill Cook
Local SEO Expert - Tangible Vagaries
Nsimba is a true SEO marketing professional who has a lot of focus and amazing attention to detail. He is known for providing outstanding services to his clients. I would highly recommend him for SEO services.

Shaaf Shaa
SEO Expert Agency - Owner Principle
Nsimba has a vast technological and software background. If you want results that will change your businesses position then working with Nsimba will be a step in the correct direction. He is SEO savvy, professional and very reliable.

Nick Vassilev
Consultant - Lightbulb SEO

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Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on your short term and long goals and rapid demand for your services either is beneficial. For instant results for a short term goal then PPC is best. If your company is going to be here in 6 + month time then SEO will highly be beneficial for you. Get a Free website analysis for more information. 

Again this depends on many factors such as keywords you want to go after, the level of competition you will be facing and the state of your website. As a rough estimate you will need to give it at least 6 months.  

The costs depend on the competitiveness of the keywords you want to go for. There are difficulty levels as it pertains to certain keywords.  

Yes! contact us at via email. We have a confidential approach with each of our clients.  


More and more frequently, people are using the internet to find the products and services they need. As a result, businesses are becoming aware of the need to have an online presence so they can capture some of those customers. After all, if you aren’t showing up when people are searching for what you have to offer, your competition is.

Getting to the top of Google for your target keywords can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are trying to run a business and still etch out some time to live life as well. That is why hiring the services of an SEO professional is such an important things to do. What exactly is an SEO agency and how can they be of benefit to your business?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process that is used to get your business to show up in the search engine results. The more SEO is applied to your website and business, the more you will be seen. It seems like a simple equation but there is much that goes into the process. Hiring a qualified SEO service provider allows you to reap the benefits that the internet has to offer. The optimise your website in various ways to get your business to the rank highly on Google and other search engines.


Hiring our marketing agency will grow your social networks increasing your online traffic. Our SEO agency experts will not only create your customer base but also improve the customer’s value. Money that would be used in limited regional campaigns is diverted to online campaigns which increase the profits of your business through online marketing. It is also easier to make decisions in the business depending on clients’ reactions online without spending too much money. Why are people leaving the website just after landing on it?

Why are people spending a lot of time on the website without taking an action? In traditional advertising, there is no online presence, whereby, making decisions requires you to get first- hand information which is quite costly. Additionally, it is easier and cheaper to update new products online rather than spending while advertising them through campaigns which also don’t reach a wide customer base. With our company, this is done online by our experts who involve the customers in a friendly way which not only costs less but it also reaches a wide geographical region.



Flock In Solutions can help your business invest time in client relationships. Once your business creates online trust with the clients, it becomes vital to building your business. This will allow you to focus on your business hence we will increase the online presence and profit due to increased client base. Our Company has a wider reach of customers than the traditional way of marketing. Most customers know what your business offers through online marketing which would be more effective when done by our experts. The online presence will help you know the situation of the client and hence provide them with what they need. This is possible through direct involvement with your current which can be done in the best way by our team.


Our company can keep you on trend and other up-to-date areas. We have access to almost every marketing technology and are knowledgeable on where to apply each of these technologies. We will know the best social profile for your business which will increase your business’ online presence. It would be hard for your in-house staff to know which social profile would work well for your business, is it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Additionally, it is the work of our company to know the latest trends and know how these can benefit your business in increasing its online presence. Tools are also helpful to your business as they help you understand how your business is doing online.

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